Surviving the Change Part 3

The nest step to Surviving the Change is to watch your diet. Stay on a disciplined diet. Yes, this will take some effort and thought to maintain, but that’s okay because at some point it will become habit. Right now we need to avoid falling into the trap of turning to comfort foods during this time of change to help us feel better. And as we all know, that’s an easy trap to fall into. Coffee and Krispy Kreme Blueberry Cruellers are a yummy treat, but caffeine and sugar are highly addicting. Easy also becomes addicting. It’s very easy to throw hot dogs on the grill and open a bag of chips rather than prepare a balanced meal. The strategy should be to think ahead and prepare for mealtimes. If you do that long enough it will soon become a routine of preparing meals that work for you and your family. It’s also a good time to train the young ones in food preparation. Make meal times a fun time by letting them help in picking the menu and in the preparation of the food that they choose. Be creative and let your imagination lead the way.

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