Surviving Change Part 2

Tues 3/31/2020

The first step to surviving this sudden change to our lives is to stay on a schedule. It’s all too easy to get into bad habits such as binge watching TV, video games, social media, staying up late and sleeping in. If you follow that trend you wind up with the days going by in a blur wondering what you did the day before. You also find that you are unable to get anything accomplished. One strategy to avoid this is to make a list of tasks and then prioritize the tasks.  Then start working your way through the tasks from most important to least important.  You’ll find a sense of accomplishment and it will actually begin to snowball with your energy levels increasing.  Many of us are working from home and an easy trap to fall into is working too much.  This is where establishing a schedule and sticking to it becomes so important.  Work for the scheduled time and then move on to personal time.  It is also important to schedule workout times each day and treat them like a business appointment.  If you don’t schedule your workout you will find yourself in the late evening and not having worked out for that day.  Again, that is an easy trap to fall into.  Keeping yourself and your children on a regular schedule will make your days more productive and overall less stressful.  Another by-product is teaching your children the self-discipline and the habit of becoming a self-motivated, productive self-starter.

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