Surviving Change Part 1

We are now living a situation that is very different from what we are used to. We are all used to having very hectic schedules, being on the go constantly with very little downtime. Now the majority of us are at home and taking care of the kids.  In a way, it’s rather humorous, because how many times have we all commented about how life was so much better when things were simpler, when we had more time. Now, things are definitely simpler and we definitely have more time with our families.

So, the question now is how do we survive this extra time with our families? We’re going to discuss a few guidelines to integrate into your daily lives to help life flow a little better. All of a sudden our schedule and routine has gone right out the window and this can be very unsettling and very stressful. The experts tell us that three or more significant changes in our lives can be a serious red flag for stress. So, a change in our job, whether that is location or the loss of the job or loss of income, a significant change in living arrangements, or suddenly becoming a stay at home parent.  All of these factors point to increased stress levels.  We are going to be addressing how to handle this increased stress. More to follow…..

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