Satori-Ryu Budo is the creation of my Sensei, Soke Dale Kirby, who trained under Japanese Masters in multiple styles of Martial Arts. The term Satori translates into “Spontaneous Enlightenment”. The term Budo translates to the way of the warrior. Being a warrior is not about fighting, it’s not about who is toughest in a fight. Being a warrior is about taking care of your responsibilities. Responsibilities come from many different directions and areas of your life. Those can include, but are not limited to Spiritual Beliefs, family, country, employers, and society.  How you deal with those responsibilities define who you are. 

Satori-Ryu Budo, the Way of the Enlightened Warrior, is about pursuing the Lifestyle of the Modern Samurai.  The Modern Samurai is not one who goes around seeking violence and confrontations.  The Modern Samurai is one who is responsible and accountable for their own actions, one who takes care of responsibilities, accepting the hardships and the rewards equally.  Students who demonstrate those standards are recognized by awarding them the title of Modern Samurai.

Rob Lowry has earned the title of Modern Samurai. He is a student of Satori-Ryu Budo, holding the following rank: a 5th Degree Black Belt (Go-Dan) in Satori-Ryu Kobudo, a 4th Degree Black Belt (Yon-Dan) in Satori-Ryu Iaido, a 3rd Degree Black Belt (San-Dan) in Isshin-Ryu Karate, and a 1st Degree Black Belt in Shindo-Muso Ryu Jodo. In addition, he is a Certified Instructor for Satori-Ryu Budo.  Rob Lowry began his training began his training in the Martial Arts when he enrolled in the Credit Classes offered by the University of Tennessee, taught by Hanshi England. 

Sensei Lowry received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, Geology Concentration, with a minor in Organic Chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Sensei Lowry believes very strongly in serving his community and having a positive impact on those around him.  After completing his Degree, he went on to serve a term with Americorps, working at Beardsley Community Farm, where he grew food for low-income families and seniors, as well as providing educational opportunities for people of all ages. Upon completion of his service, he continued to serve his community by taking a position with the Knoxville-Knox Co. Community Action Committee (CAC) Department of Housing and Energy where he performed home energy efficiency audits. By 2018, Sensei Lowry decided it was time for a career change, and he applied for and was accepted into an Electrical Apprenticeship with the Electrician Training Academy Knoxville (ETAK). Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Program in 2023, he earned a Certificate in Alternate Energy and Process Control from Pellissippi Community College and became a Journeyman Wireman. He is currently employed by the Tennessee Associated Electric through the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Union.

On a personal level, Sensei Lowry married his lovely wife, Ashley, in 2011. Together, they currently have three children. His sense of serving his community began with the Boy Scouts of America where he earned the Eagle Scout Award.  Continuing with his service to his community and having a positive impact on those that he comes in contact with, he continues to volunteer as a Cub Scout Den Leader with his oldest child. His other hobbies include hiking, camping, gardening, and riding his motorcycle.

Rob Lowry has demonstrated, through the fulfillment of his responsibilities his accomplishments as well as his devotion to serving others, both inside the Dojo as well as outside the Dojo, that he is a Modern Samurai.

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