Return to Baseline Part 2

I’m sure that we all are hearing and saying the same things… I wish everything would get back to normal… I can’t wait until everything will get back to normal…

But, will we ever get back to the normal that we once knew?

Who really knows when or if we will ever return to the normal that we all knew? If you have a business or a profession that has been impacted by the pandemic, and who hasn’t been impacted, then you know that the only sure thing that we have is right here and now. Currently, the best that we can do is to plan one week at a time and keep an open mind to the unknown. There is a term that we use in our training with the Samurai Sword, Zanshin, which means to be in the moment. That is exactly what we all need during these times, to live in the moment, to focus on what is in front of us.

But, at the same time we need Faith that conditions will improve. We need to maintain a positive outlook as we continue to work toward the future.

Miyomoto Musashi, the patron Sword Saint of Japan, said: “Expect nothing, be prepared for anything.”

Remember, It’s going to be OK. This too shall pass.

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