Return To Baseline Part 1

Baseline is defined as a normal state. At this time we are all in the process of returning to Baseline, in other words, we are in the process of trying to return to our normal state of affairs. All of us have been impacted to a certain extent by the shutdowns. So, we are now trying to return to work, reopen businesses, and return to school. Some of us have continued to train at home, while others have chosen not to. So, while we are trying to return to some semblance of normalcy, we are still being challenged by the COVID Virus. At the same time, there is a heated debate that is ongoing as to the validity of the data surrounding the virus. And on top of that there is the constant stream of news concerning the current civil unrest occurring in some parts of our country. It is a constant stream of negativity that bombards us daily.

Some of us are becoming overwhelmed by the constant negativity that is assaulting us on a daily basis. I think everyone would agree that overall the internet is a blessing, but one drawback is that we are exposed to absolute total data overload. Not only data overload, but negativity overload.

Our brains are very simple computers and as such, are programmable. Programming the brain is a very simple process, the brain will reflect what is programmed into it. Put very simply, Garbage In = Garbage Out. This equation translates into the more negative stimuli that you expose yourself to, whether it is news, movies, books, music… and yes… video games and social media, the more negative thought processes that the brain will produce. Preventing this downward negative spiral is very simple, feed the brain positive material and eliminate the negative material. Applying this to our current situation means decreased exposure to news. Personally, we watch the local weather, local events and very little if any other news. Another easy way to eliminate exposure to negativity is through social media. Monitor what you are paying attention to and stop exposing yourself to the negative, inflammatory material. Instead look for the humor and the positive. Laughter definitely is the best medicine.

Maintain your sanity: Stay on schedule, keep training, eat sensibly and above all remember “This too shall pass, it’s going to be okay.”

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