Return From Covidcation

I know that everyone is as anxious as we are to get back to some semblance of normal. We will resume training Thursday June 4th. There will be some changes to our normal schedule as well as some changes to how we conduct business. The schedule will be:
Thursday: Saturday:
5:00 – Little Samurai 8:00 – Satori Lifestyle Training
5:45 – Conditioning 8:45 – Kobudo
6:30 – Karate 9:30 – Karate
7:15 – Japanese Sword 10:15 – Jodo
11:00 – Japanese Sword

Rules of Operation:
1. The Facility will be cleaned after each class.
2. Each student should come to class ready to participate because the locker rooms will be closed.
3. Restroom facilities will be available.
4. Social Distancing will be enforced.
5. Because of #4 there will be a limit of 6 students per class. If the numbers warrant, we will increase the number of classes.
6. Please reserve your slot in the classes that you wish to attend. This is very important. You can reserve your slot by simply texting 865-318-1346.
7. We ask that only 1 adult attend with each student.
8. Each student will be required to wear face covering.

We are making additional changes: we now have a website:

We are using a new email:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Lance England Martial Arts Leadership Team
Lance England Ed.S. Hanshi
Brandon England Sensei
Rob Lowry Sempai

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