For over five decades I have been both a Student and an Instructor of the Martial Arts.  It has been an incredible experience.  I have met and trained with so many wonderful people that have enriched my life so much.  For me, the study of the Martial Arts has been a spiritual journey, and one of personal growth.  To be able to teach the Martial Arts and to interact with students as they pursue their own path through the Martial Arts and through Life has been a blessing for me.  But, as we all know, change is inevitable and I have reached a point where it is time for change.  I am announcing my retirement.

I have decided it is time for me to devote myself to spending time with my children and grandchildren.  I plan to devote a special amount of time to my two Angels, my daughter Paige, and my Love, Anneliese.  These two Ladies have worked tirelessly, supporting me and helping me through some of Life’s Challenges.  I plan to repay their devotion with all of my time and attention. 

My retirement includes stepping down from Satori-Ryu Budo Inc., and I have selected Hanshi Lance England to be my successor.  Hanshi Lance England has trained with me continuously for several decades, longer than anyone else, and has demonstrated his loyalty. Together we have discussed my retirement and have planned the future for Satori-Ryu Budo Inc.  I am confident in Hanshi England’s ability to lead Satori-Ryu Budo Inc into the future.    

Dale S. Kirby Sr., Soke

Satori-Ryu Budo Inc.

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