Satori-Ryu Budo, roughly translates into The Way of the Enlightened Warrior. The main focus of Satori-Ryu Budo is to enable the student to achieve Personal Goal Actualization. For some, this can become an insurmountable challenge. Through the study of the Martial Arts, an individual can identify their own personal path through life. But more importantly, the individual can identify how to navigate their chosen path. It’s easy to set a goal, but it can be very hard to achieve that goal because any goal that’s really worth achieving is going to be hard to reach.

Renshi Jerry Cichon (Renshi translates to Master Instructor), hosted the 2022 National Seminar for Satori-Ryu Budo with Hanshi Lance England (Hanshi translates to Senior Instructor), being the Lead Instructor for the two day event which was held in Sepalpa, Oklahoma. The focus for this year’s seminar was “Risk Reduction Modifications Applied to Japanese Swordsmanship”. These modifications to Japanese Sword Techniques are the result of intensive research into the intricacies of the movements and their impact on the human anatomy. Supporting Hanshi England in this endeavor were Sensei Rob Lowry and Alex Walton. Together, they share over a dozen Degrees, Professional Certifications, and experience covering the areas of Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy, Emergency Medical Care and Athletic Training. In addition, the input from other Physical Therapists and Orthopedists were solicited in order to validate their conclusions. This project was initiated in order to increase the longevity of the practitioners of Satori-Ryu Budo.

The seminar was a success. One session focused on the needs of the Instructors and Senior Students, the second day was focused on the beginning skill level through intermediate skill levels. It was a tremendous success with all students taking away new skills as well as improvements in their current skills. If you are interested in pursuing training with the Japanese Sword, please contact us.

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